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For 20 years this Atlanta company has remodeled homes and buildings for larger builders throughout the southeast US. From this foundation they seek to grow their business and directly market their services to the broader public. But they needed a brand.

The first step was actually to go backward to create a new name.

The previous name was neither strong nor memorable. The new moniker, Rexmark, sounds better in the mind and positions them inferring strength, stability and quality.

The wordmark was kept purposely simple to emphasize the name on their most immediate advertising: vehicles, signs and uniforms. The simple palette of royal blue and gold ensures consistency in appearance across all uses.

The bold, direct and strong typography speaks with the same voice and promise of the company – to do quality work for a fair price.

Our next step together will be to take the look online.

They agree this identity will take them far as they grow.

Rexmark T-shirt2
Rexmark Stationery
Rexmark Hardhat and Jacket 2
Rexmark Cap 2
Pickup Truck Isolated
Large suburban house with ‘for sale’ sign displayed outside

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